Spotlight on Cleveland

Several months ago, Cleveland police attacked a crowd that attempted to unarrest a young teen outside of a Black Lives Matter conference. The resulting standoff highlighted increasing tensions in a city that had already been brewing with anger at the police following the murder of Tamir Rice and the acquittal of Michael Brelo, a 31 year-old white patrolman who stood atop the car of two unarmed African-American motorists and fired into their vehicle 15 times, after other officers had already riddled it with bullets. In this interview, author and anarchist strategist Tom Nomad discusses how the last few months in Cleveland have played out and the dynamics leading up to the upcoming Republican National Convention (RNC).

Against Democracy

Translated anonymously from Spanish, and recreated with many of the design choices of the original book. We publish this translation in solidarity with those facing repression in Spain in connection with the text.

The book you hold in your hands is a small contribution from the Coordinated Anarchist Groups to the fight against democracy, which is the most widespread contemporary form of political domination as the primary and most sophisticated expression of the State.



Dispatches From Rojava

The travel diary of “El Errante,” (later revealed to be Paul Z Simons) an anarchist from the United States who recently visited the Rojava region. A more thorough report-back from his trip can be found here.


Nine Theses On Insurgency

The opening text from the first journal of Insurgencies by ISIW that discusses the need to abandon activism, which is defined by symbolism, conceptual terrains of engagement and a politics of complaint. Instead, it suggests a realignment towards insurgency, embracing material engagement with our enemies and focusing on strategy as opposed to abstract political theory.


Nice Shit For Everybody

“We see the stores in the bourgeois parts of town (& the newly-gentrified ones too) and say that we want that shit and even more. … Is this commodity-fetishism? Yes, of the worst kind. Mainly, it’s the kind that does not want to maintain capitalist social relations, but one that seeks to destroy them.”

Happy Holidays! Don’t mind the indulgent ligatures.


At Daggers Drawn

One part of this society has every interest in continuing to rule, the other in it all collapsing as soon as possible. Deciding which side one is on is the first step. But resignation, the basis of agreement between the parts (improvers of the existent and its false critics) is everywhere, even in our own lives—the authentic place of the social war—in our desires and resoluteness, just as in our little daily submissions.

With all this it is necessary to draw daggers, to finally draw daggers with life.


The Devil’s Night

UPDATE: Revised and expanded version here, October 2017.

From Mask Magazine

Before plastic fangs and fake blood, October 31st was a day of rebellion; the history of Halloween spans five hundred years and two continents, featuring pagan rebels in the Medieval British Isles, the European witch hunts, Irish migration to the States, and even widespread arsons in Detroit in the 1980s.


Another Word For White Ally Is Coward

The fear that we would like to critique here is the fear of forming one’s own opinion, the fear of developing one’s own analysis and then acting upon it. We do find fault in this fear of the White Ally. To be a White Ally is to stop thinking for one’s self, to blindly follow a leader based on no other criteria than their identity. At least this is what is demanded of us by those who would make us into Allies.

From Anti-State STL


Old design here.

Out Past Dark

By FireWorks

New Oakland Mayor, Libby Schaaf has drawn scorn from liberals and civil-libertarians for her implementation of a “protest curfew” in Downtown Oakland. The curfew comes after the mayor bowed to pressure from Downtown businesses and developers after several months of riots. But the curfew is only part of a new wave of repression: from more FBI agents coming to town, the continuation of the Domain Awareness Center (DAC), to the increasing policing of everyday life. While those on the right howl for blood as young people continue to take the streets in the face of evictions, low-paying jobs, and continued racist police terror, those on the Left are just as quick to divide the “good protesters” from “the bad ones.”


Liebig 14 Evicted & Beyond the Ruins of the Creative City

In coordination with a short series of presentations on Berlin squatting, we published the following two zines. The final presentation will be hosted at La Idea in Oakland, CA on May 2nd.

Liebig 14 Evicted

Some notes on the eviction of a former squatted house from Berlin, originally published in 325 #9, 2011.

Reflections on an Eviction – For the Joyful Militants, originally published on the Liebig 14 website, 2013.


Beyond the Ruins of the Creative City

Berlin’s Factory of Culture and the Sabotage of Rent

by Matteo Pasquinelli


Fuck Off Google

“It’s becoming clear that Facebook is not so much the model of a new form of government as its reality already in operation. The fact that revolutionaries employed it and still employ it to link up in the street en masse only proves that it’s possible, in some places, to use Facebook against itself, against its essential function, which is policing.”

Excerpt from «To Our Friends»

English translation coming April 2015




Affinity, Informal Organization and Insurrectional Projects

Originally published in journal ‘Salto, subverion & anarchy” #2

November 2012, Brussels

Note: This zine was inspired by “Nothing is Finished” which was not available online at the time. It is now available from Untorelli here.


The Coming Insurrection (Excerpt)

L’Insurrection qui vient (The Coming Insurrection) was originally published in France, 2007. It is also the principle piece of evidence in an anti-terrorism case directed against several individuals who were arrested on November 11th, 2008, mostly in the village of Tarnac. They have been accused of “criminal association for the purpose of terrorist activity” on the grounds that they were to have participated in the sabotage of overhead electrical lines on France’s national railways. They are also accused of authoring this text.

For more information, visit:

The following is an excerpt from The Coming Insurrection that we feel is most portable, in that it is shorter, easier to read (and to print) and also more universally relevant in its content.


The Killing Fields

Long before Edward Snowden revealed the secrets of the NSA and the federal government, another man revealed that the CIA was directly responsible for flooding the US with cocaine in the 1980s. His name was Gary Webb. In 1996, after publishing his three part article “Dark Alliance: The Story Behind The Crack Explosion” in the San Jose Mercury News, Gary was subjected to criticism, censorship, and was forced to quit his job. His employers at the Mercury News retracted the story and destroyed the CDROMS that had been created by the paper to spread the basic information of the CIA’s conspiracy. Despite his thorough and professional research, the mainstream media ignored his findings and Gary remained unemployable until his suicide on December 10th, 2004. This article is dedicated to his memory and to all those who died in the drug wars.

Published anonymously on Indybay on September 24th, 2013


Guns, Cars, Autonomy

The following is a transcript of a conversation between two friends shortly after the insurgency in Ferguson, Missouri. Bart was there and Nikola wasn’t, but both have participated in anti-police uprisings in the last several years on the West Coast and in the Midwest. We’re publishing this in an effort to explore the complexities of recent events in the United States, but also to contribute to the ongoing discussions and attacks against the existing order, everywhere.

Originally published in Avalanche #3, November 2014.

(Updated 2016)