One night several years ago a friend asked me if I could lay out the interview “Guns, Cars, Autonomy” as a zine for printing. I did and they suggested I make a website to share the PDF file online. I made this website under the name Ruins of Capital because I was not very good at coming up with project names. It’s still called that because I have not gotten better at this.

But I have gotten a lot better at design over those years, and in the meantime have worked on countless designs, including what you see on this site. The zines here may seem like an odd collection, not least of all because of the persistent refusal to establish a consistent style. The texts hosted on this site are simply those I found useful or interesting at some point, with a few requests here and there.

I don’t update the site as much as I used to, but I will continue to update it. If you want to get in touch:

zines [at] riseup.net