Spotlight on Cleveland

Several months ago, Cleveland police attacked a crowd that attempted to unarrest a young teen outside of a Black Lives Matter conference. The resulting standoff highlighted increasing tensions in a city that had already been brewing with anger at the police following the murder of Tamir Rice and the acquittal of Michael Brelo, a 31 year-old white patrolman who stood atop the car of two unarmed African-American motorists and fired into their vehicle 15 times, after other officers had already riddled it with bullets. In this interview, author and anarchist strategist Tom Nomad discusses how the last few months in Cleveland have played out and the dynamics leading up to the upcoming Republican National Convention (RNC).

Nine Theses On Insurgency

The opening text from the first journal of Insurgencies by ISIW that discusses the need to abandon activism, which is defined by symbolism, conceptual terrains of engagement and a politics of complaint. Instead, it suggests a realignment towards insurgency, embracing material engagement with our enemies and focusing on strategy as opposed to abstract political theory.